Oahu Activities for Kids & Family

Known as “The Gathering Place,” the island of Oʻahu is home to about 75% of the Hawaiian population. Oahu is the mainstay of Hawaiian culture so that those who live there consider themselves the “local” of the islands.

At Atlantis Adventures we offer you and your family plenty of activities to experience from the island of Oahu. Our family activities include, luau celebrations, sunset dinner cruises and other adventures like snorkeling or whale watching.

Family Activities in Oahu

Take an adventure through the underwater world the Oahu Island when you board one of our submarine tours off the coast of this beautiful paradise. After seeing everything beneath the sea, you and your family can enjoy a nice meal above the water on one of our lunch or dinner cruises.

Get up close and personal with the whales off the Hawaiian Islands with a boat ride that will bring you close to the animals in the wild. See just how big whales can really be as you ride along side them in the ocean waters.

Spend an evening aboard one of our cruise vessels for a sunset dinner at sea with our Island Style Buffet Dinner Cruise. You will enjoy wonderful food while you listen to great local music and watch the sun settle over the Pacific.

Oahu Activities for Kids

At Atlantis Adventures we take pride in providing fun things to do in Hawaii for kids of all ages – that includes you, Mom and Dad. Take your family on a trip they will never forget to explore the wonders of Hawaii both in and out of the water.

If you are traveling to other islands during your vacation, you can visit an Atlantis Adventure office near you for island-specific water tours. Take a look at our Kona family activities for you to try out while you are on the big island this trip.

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Atlantis Submarines | Waikiki


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