Atlantis Undersea Adventure | Kona

Kona Submarine Tours for Kids and Family

See the Big Island Kona Under the Sea

Plan a fun-filled day aboard one of our 48 passenger submarines to tour the exciting underwater world surrounding the big island of Kona. The submarine tours from Atlantis Adventures are the perfect activity for kids and families to make your trip to Kona unforgettable.

The water surrounding Kona is full of beautiful sea life and hidden treasures for your and your family to explore. Get one-of-a-kind experiences when you spend time with Atlantis under the sea in our fun Kona activities for kids.

Additional Kona Tour Information

The Kona Island submarine tours depart 7 days a week with several trips available starting at 10:00 a.m. if the weather permits.
Children who ride our submarines must be at least 36” tall for safety reasons.
Plan for roughly 1 hour, 45 minutes of tour and travel time:

  • 0:00 Check-in
  • 0:30 Depart Kailua pier
  • 0:45 Arrive Atlantis Dive Site, transfer to submarine
  • 1:30 Submarine resurfaces, transfer to tender vessel
  • 1:45 Arrive back to Kailua pier

Kona Submarine Tour Departure

Check-in at the Atlantis Submarine ticket office on Alii Drive located across from the Kailua-Kona Pier.

Check-in required 30 minutes before the scheduled submarine tour time.

Actual underwater tour time is 45 minutes.

Shuttle boat ride from the pier to the submarine site plus transfer is 5 minutes each way.

Other Hawaii Activities

Hawaii has many different things to offer for families who are on vacation. Atlantis Adventures specializes in underwater tours but we can also provide information about Hawaii zip line tours and unforgettable whale watching in Waikiki.

Atlantis Submarines | Kona

Atlantis Submarines | Kona


Address: 75-5669 Ali’i Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Phone: 1-800-381-0237 or 808-326-7939

Hours:  Open daily 9AM-4PM

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