Atlantis Cruises

Atlantis Cruises introduces the next generation of vessel to enjoy dinner cruises at sunset and special events in the waters off Oahu and its name, fittingly, is Majestic.

With its sleek, yacht-like design the 150-foot Majestic is Atlantis’s newest state-of-the-art cruise vessel, offering a multitude of options to host couples, families, tour groups, and private functions. Appealing features of Majestic include two classy, but expansive air-conditioned decks lined with panoramic windows and high ceilings, a huge open-air top deck for viewing outdoors, and cutting-edge technology to ensure a comfortable ocean cruise.

Atlantis Submarines

With Atlantis Submarines, you explore depths of Hawaii’s ocean waters 100 feet below the surface and “swim” amidst schools of beautiful fish in the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarine.

Atlantis has been sharing the magnificence of Hawaii’s undersea world since 1988 using the environmentally safe submarines that are battery powered, emit no pollutants, and quietly move through the water, disturbing no one. It’s the ultimate in sustainable tourism.

At our Waikiki and Maui dive sites, we’ve taken on the responsibility of installing artificial reefs to create self-sustaining habitats for fish and marine life to flourish. Areas once barren of life are now vibrant.

Our Kona dive site is highlighted by a pristine 25-acre coral reef garden that is a natural safe haven for fish, plant life and organisms to thrive. Atlantis closely observes the abundance of activity at this treasured site but always leaves it untouched.

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